Friday, 1 June 2007

Basking in the sun.

Today I decided to go outside as the sun was shining and it was very warm. I was out there with my owner and she had out her camera.

I got up so I could leave, but I couldn't resist The belly rub! It Tickled! So I stayed a little longer, and found a plant to rest my head upon.

It wasn't very comfy! The pricks on the leafs kept poking me... If only I could poke them! I wanted to go inside again. So as soon as I was getting up to escape the prickles - I received, yet, another belly rub!

I made way for the door as quick as possible, leaving the sun behind!


SparkyDog said...

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Were looking for Dogs and cats especially on this peace globe day! So get onto paint and do your best.

Annelisa said...

You are a lovely dog, Sparkey! I think if I were to lie in the sun and have my tummy rubbed, I would just have to stay longer too! :-)


SparkyDog said...

Its very hard to escape a rub!